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Aitana Cantú is a graphic designer and organizer from Los Angeles, California.

Books — 
  1. Colonized 
  2. Real Academia Española
  3. Prattonia
  4. Mau Cos Mau
  5. Happening
  6. Xochimilco

Interactive —
  1. The Panopticon Now Has Stories
  2. Code Switch Typeface


1. Colonized

An attempt to grapple with the root colonizer/colonized relationship of my Mexican/Spanish identity through an exploration of the Spanish language. (Part 1)

To initiate this project, I divided my research of the Spanish language into three periods of time: precolonial, colonial, and postcolonial. This culminated in a three-part book.

The first two sections consist of excerpts from essays that address aspects of the Spanish language during the pre/colonial eras. The third section contains interviews I conducted with my parents about their relationship with the language and colonialism. The design system of this two-fold book allows the content to be read in either English or Spanish seamlessly.

Part 2