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Aitana Cantú is a graphic designer and artist from Los Angeles, California. She earned her BFA from Pratt Institute in May 2019.

Books — 
  1. Colonized 
  2. Real Academia Española
  3. Prattonia
  4. Mau Cos Mau
  5. Happening
  6. Xochimilco

Interactive —
  1. The Panopticon Now Has Stories
  2. Code Switch Typeface

Sunday School Press
  1. Radio
  2. POL/ICE
  3. Derby Line
  4. Climate Strike
  5. Reader

Additional —
  1. Devil’s Head
  2. How To Wheatpaste
  3. Dune Typeface
  4. Photography


Aitana is passionate about books, type design and photography. 
She cares about Los Angeles sunsets and archival work. 
She values accessibility and seeks to create work with intention.

 currently doing art direction & design @ 

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