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Aitana Cantú is a graphic designer and organizer from Los Angeles, California. She earned her BFA from Pratt Institute in May 2019.

Books — 
  1. Colonized 
  2. Real Academia Española
  3. Prattonia
  4. Mau Cos Mau
  5. Happening
  6. Xochimilco

Interactive —
  1. The Panopticon Now Has Stories
  2. Code Switch Typeface

Sunday School Press
  1. Radio
  2. POL/ICE
  3. Derby Line
  4. Climate Strike
  5. Reader

Additional —
  1. Devil’s Head
  2. How To Wheatpaste
  3. Dune Typeface
  4. Photography


Aitana is a Los Angeles designer, organizer, language justice advocate and interpreter currently obsessing over letters, language and print.

Her design practice centers around using design as a tool to aid in the accessibility of information and to imagine solutions to problems faced within our communities.  

Housing is a Human Right. Language Justice is Racial Justice.
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