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Aitana Cantú is a graphic designer and organizer from Los Angeles, California. She earned her BFA from Pratt Institute in May 2019.

Books — 
  1. Colonized 
  2. Real Academia Española
  3. Prattonia
  4. Mau Cos Mau
  5. Happening
  6. Xochimilco

Interactive —
  1. The Panopticon Now Has Stories
  2. Code Switch Typeface

Sunday School Press
  1. Radio
  2. POL/ICE
  3. Derby Line
  4. Climate Strike
  5. Reader

Additional —
  1. Devil’s Head
  2. How To Wheatpaste
  3. Dune Typeface
  4. Photography


2. Real Academia Española

The Real Academia Española is the institution that determines, definitively, what constitutes the official Spanish language. This project offers a critique of the demographic makeup of this committee by cataloguing the 50 people who comprise the RAE.

Each of these individuals are assigned a letter of the Spanish alphabet upon induction to this institution. Alongside each letter in the book, I listed words that are commonly used in the Spanish vernacular but don’t exist within the dictionary itself. Risograph and handbound.